Movers NYC to DC

My wife got an amazing new job in DC. We were living in NYC at the time. So when she got the offer, our first thoughts were ‘how can we uproot our whole life here in NYC’? We made friends here and we have some family here and this is the city we call home. But how could we not? This was a once in a lifetime opportunity.

We spent months and months doing research on the best movers NYC to DC. We looked up the best moving practices and what to expect when relocating to a new city. Neither my wife or I had made a big move like this since college.

We stumbled upon a local moving company called Patrick Moving & Storage. What drew us to them was their focus on customer satisfaction--and it showed on their countless testimonials. All those testimonies supported what we experienced. This team of movers were on-time, like promised. They were courteous and took care of all of our belongings. These knew how to pack everything, and organized it in a way that made in easy to unpack when we got t…

Long Distance Movers Westchester, NY

My girlfriend and I recently moved into our new apartment in Miami, FL from Westchester. We found the best long distance movers Westchester, NY. Moving apartments is one thing but when you are moving to a whole other state and community, it’s extremely stressful. We had to make sure we were organized and didn’t forget anything. Patrick Moving & Storage helped with that. They helped us pack our things and brought these huge boxes specifically designed to fit our wardrobes.

The movers were kind and double checked to make sure we had gotten everything before they began the journey. They disassembled our furniture that couldn’t fit through the door like our bed frame and dining table. Honestly, if it weren’t for them, it would have been so much more difficult to change zip codes. They were timely, and respectful of all of our things.

I would highly recommend this company to anyone looking to move.

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